Create a waldorf wool bee

make a woollen bee
Rub Some Dirt On It has a mini tutorial for making these warm woollen bee decorations that look great hung anywhere in the house or even outside.
You will need small pinecones and yellow and black wool amongst other things. We love the rustic nature of these creations and that little hands can help to make them.



Bee information: Bees and their sense of taste

Bee collecting pollen from an apple blossom
Honey bees have been found to be able to distinguish between sweet, sour, bitter and salt, and thus have a sense of "taste."
Bees are more sensitive to salts than humans, but less sensitive to bitter flavors.
This information is from Think Quest 



Little bee template

Here is a bee where you can practice drawing in the vertical lines that go down the bees body.
If this is not what you were looking for go to the Bee Templates page where you will find other bee shapes.


A Teaching Guide on bees

teaching children about bees
"The Honey Files: A Bee’s Life" Teaching Guide Written by Alyssa Boettcher, Boettcher Educational Services is a great resource. It is A Teaching Guide for Grade Levels 4-6 from the National Honey Board. It is 91 pages.

Honey Bees
Educator’s Overview: Insects and Honey Bee Biology
1. Glossary of Honey Bee Anatomical Characteristics
Many work sheets and activities

Educator’s Overview: Honey Bee Society
Work sheets and activities

The Hive — The Honey Bee’s Home
Educator’s Overview: The Hive
Work sheets and activities

Additional Unit Activities


Learning about being bee friendly

Students at St Joseph’s RC Primary School, Malvern, UK have created a bee-friendly garden.
The School is officially a BEE-FRIENDLY ZONE thanks to the hard work of all the pupils who:
  • chose the bee theme after learning about threats to the bee population and the importance of bees in pollinating vital foods
  • raised money to get experts to come and teach them what kinds of plants to grow
  • created imaginative new habitats in the school grounds

Garden Study of the Vickers Children
Oil painting by  1884


New Bee template

This bee template is quite sophisticated compared to many others on the Bee Templates page. I hope it is just what you are looking for. It comes from Imaginesque.

free bee outline to print out


Great bee book for kids

great bee book for kids
Grow with Me peers into a beehive, a cocoon, garden soil, and elsewhere to explore the lives and growth of an assortment of creatures and plants. 
These books, for ages six and up, offer elementary but fascinating studies of the life stages that bugs, animals, and vegetation experience as they mature. Magnified photos, easy-to- follow text explaining life stages, and a life cycle recap all contribute to an educational experience focused on an up-close look at how the featured creature or plant changes and grows throughout its life span.

Grow with Me: Bee can be purchased at Amazon for only $6.59.

Editorial Reviews on grow with me: BEE

Attractive layout, clean design, and intriguing close-up photos will lure browsers to these explorations of plant and animal life cycles. - School Library Journal

the text provides an elementary but fascinating look at the life cycle... The magnified photos are sure to attract the young reader as they gain an up-close look at the life stages... These full-page photos with captions support a large text so the books can be accessible to younger readers as well.. The books in this series would be excellent for supporting National Science Standard C: Life Science-Life Cycles of Organisms. - National Science Teachers Association