Free bee information

  • Pollination from Chicago Botanic Garden for activity in kindergarten classrooms with cards on pollination.
  • Busy Bees - Canada Agriculture Museum  Honeybee Pollination targets Kindergarten to Grade 3 students in Ontario, Canada.
  • Bees and flowers. Lesson plans for levels 6th - 8th. Includes Build a flower, Build a bee.  Rural Science Education Program from Oregon State University.
  • BeeSmart BeeHappBasic information about bees and pollination for Kindergarten. Oklahoma Ag in the classroom from Oklahoma State Dept of Education.
  • Pollinator Related Educational Materials - Native Pollinators Kindergarten : 1st/2nd grade,(adaptable for3rd-5th grades) Lesson Plans by Mary C. Cahill, Discovery Education.
  • A Teaching Guide - National Honey Board The Pollination of Flowers, by M. Proctor and P. Yeo. Published by Collins, London, 1973. What Bees Eat, Arizona Agricultural Education Program.

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