Explaining bees to children.

There are three types of bee: the worker, the queen and the drone.
Each one looks different and has a different chore to do.
The bees that we usually see buzzing around in the garden, going from flower to flower, are worker bees. They collect nectar and pollen from flowers. They carry the pollen with their back legs. Only the worker bees have these special back legs that can carry pollen. They turn the nectar into delicious sweet honey. The honey is to feed the bees in the winter.
The drone never collects pollen and nectar.
The queen bee's most important job is laying eggs. She lays all the eggs in the hive. The hive is where the Queen bee lives and where the worker bees bring back the nectar to.

Simple diagram of parts of the bee.
Books for children about bees.
The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive by Joanne Cole, Scholastic 1996 - book and video. If you purchase it here it helps support this Beezine.

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  1. this is so cool! In fact..I am an adult and appreciate the easy simple way of looking at the life of bees.